Director’s Message

Hiroshi Shigeno
Director, Research Institute for Digital Media and Content, Keio University
Professor in the Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University (Ph.D)
Dynamic and Flexible Information Networking
Research area:Computer Networking, Mobile Ubiquitous Computing.
Shigeno has been vice director of DMC since 2015. His research interests are in the area of dynamic wireless networking and spatial-temporal information processing.

In the past decade, the integration of analogue and digital methodology has been widely adopted in the research and exhibition of cultural heritage. The true interaction between the two will accelerate interdisciplinary collaboration and create new values and innovation in research and education. DMC pursues, through mutually related, individual projects, the creation of the digital environment that can reinterpret cultural resources and find new significance in them while it also fosters the opportunity to look at valuable cultural artifacts accumulated by Keio University.