Automatic Recordings & Online Distribution

New Service at Hiyoshi Library AV Hall
Guidelines for Free Automatic Recordings and Online Distribution of Videos
Research Institute for Digital Media and Content (DMC)

New Service at Hiyoshi Library AV Hall Guidelines for Free Automatic Recordings and Online Distribution of Videos

Faculty and staff members are now able to use the automatic recording and online distribution service at the Hiyoshi Media Center AV Hall free of charge. This service may be used for recording videos as teaching material or for the recording and distribution of lectures, seminars, and classes held at the AV Hall.

[How to Record]

Recordings automatically take place during the designated time periods notified to DMC. The camera is fixed and no cameraman or recording staff will be present. Audio is recorded with the microphones installed at the venue. Please be sure to use the microphones when recording.

[How to Watch]

Recordings can be viewed by accessing the DMC server from a PC or smartphone (http://gicc.dmc.keio.ac.jp/pcsweb). Browser recommends Chrome. The video recording is split into three screens (the venue display, whiteboard, and panorama of venue). The three screens may either be viewed simultaneously or one of the screens can be selected and enlarged when watching the recording. A shared ID and password for accessing the video will be sent to the requester the next working day. The requester can inform relevant persons of the shared ID and password to watch the recording. The same ID and password can also be used for events or multiple classes hosted by the same office, department, or faculty.
(Sample video) Please try the video link below to sample the quality and operation of recordings.
 SampleID: sample
 Sample Password: sample



Free of charge
However, a fee is incurred to edit recordings (partial cuts, etc.). There is also a charge for converting the format of videos (into YouTube videos, etc.) in order to watch recordings via methods other than mentioned above or for creating DVD and Blue Ray media. In such cases, please consult with DMC separately.

[Use of Service]

Please book the AV Hall.
Extension: 32519~32523 Telephone: 045-566-1083 hc-reference@lib.keio.ac.jp
*Please contact the Hiyoshi Library via the above contact details for further information regarding the availability of the venue and the reservation procedures.

If you wish to make a recording, the Library will inform DMC directly. DMC will then contact you by e-mail.
*You may consult with us at this time if you wish to use any of our charged services. Because the fees and delivery dates for these services vary depending on the availability of staff and the nature of requests, please consult with us each time our services are required.

[AV Hall Facilities]

Please refer to the link below for further details on the facilities available at the AV Hall.

Automatic Recording: AV Hall Settings and Filming Manual

1.AVホール配置図 Layout of AV Hall.


 A.エアコンスイッチ Switch for air conditioner
 B.卓上ライトスイッチ Switch for desk lighting
 C.蛍光灯スイッチ Switch for fluorescent lighting
 D.操作卓 Control desk 
 E.スクリーン Display 
 F.ホワイトボード Whiteboard
 G.収録用カメラ Camera 
 H.収録ランプ Recording lamp

2.照明のセットアップ Light settings



1.入口に向かい右手にある卓上ライトスイッチを確認します。The switches for the lighting above the control desk are found on the right-hand side of the entrance when facing the door.

2.卓上ライトスイッチの「白板灯」「卓灯」を点けます。Turn on the lights above the whiteboard “白板灯” and control desk “卓灯.”



4.※録画画面に映りこみスクリーンが見づらくなるため。By switching on the lights in ②, the lighting above the lecture stage will turn on, but the orange side-lights will remain turned off.

*This is because they reflect on the recorded image, making it difficult to see the display.

5.スクリーン左(あるいは右)にある「蛍光灯スイッチ」のホール前・後をどちらも点けます。Turn on the fluorescent lighting at the front “ホール前”and back “ホール後“of the hall using the switches located to the left (or right) of the display.





照明のセットアップは完了です。Venue with stage and fluorescent lighting on. The lights are now set for recording.

【参考】悪い例:サイド、上部のオレンジ色のライトが付いている状態で収録した場合に、画面への映り込み、色の変化が生じます。ご注意ください。[Bad lighting] If the orange side-lights are on when recording, they reflect on the recorded image affecting the color of the video.

3.スクリーンのセットアップ(必要な方のみ-PCの画面をスクリーンへ移す場合)Display setup (projecting computer screen onto display)



1.操作卓の前に行きます。Go to the control desk

2.操作パネル前の「ON/OFF」を押し、スイッチを入れます。Turn on the “ON/OFF” switch in front of the control panel


3.右上の「電源・照明」をタッチしメニューを切り替えます。Select the “Display Power and Lights” button in the top right-hand corner to change the menu screen.

4.「ディスプレイ電源」をONにします。Turn the “Display” on.


5.左上の「映像/音声」をタッチしメニューを切り替えます。Select the “AV select & Volume” button in the top left-hand corner to change the menu screen.

6.「PC」をタッチし選択します。Select “PC.”

7.スクリーンへPCの画面が表示されます。The computer screen will now be shown on the display.

※同様に、その他の映像ソースもタッチし選択することで表示されます。*Other video sources may be shown on the display by selecting the corresponding icon in this way.

4.収録の開始・終了・テクニックStarting and stopping recordings, and other recording techniques



1.自動収録が始まるとブース内左手にあるランプが点灯します。Once the automatic recording begins, the recording lamp on the left-hand side of the desk will turn on.

2.ランプ点灯中は録画が行われています。When the lamp is on the camera is recording.



3.カメラはAVホール後方・中央にございます。このカメラを向いて話すことで自然な映像となります。The camera is located at the back of the AV Hall. Face the camera when speaking for a more natural recording.

4.ブース上のオフレコスイッチを押し続けることで、録画画像は暗転し、音は無音となります。※撮影のオンオフではありません。押している間、暗転状態で収録はされています。By holding down the “オフレコ (Off-Record)” button on the desk, the image being recorded will be dimmed and the sound muted. *This does not turn off the recording. Although the recorded image will be dimmed while the button is pressed, the camera will continue to record.



5.ブースには次のような端子を備えています。4K-AUX、Audio-AUX、HDMI-AUX、LAN、音声、VGA。The following connectors have been installed to the control desk: 4K-AUX, Audio-AUX, HDMI-AUX, LAN, “音声” (Analog Audio), VGA.

6.ワイヤードマイク、スタンド、ワイヤレスマイク、ピンマイクがそれぞれ1本ずつあります。There is one wired microphone, microphone stand, wireless microphone, and lapel microphone available at the venue.


7.除湿機・空気殺菌機の運転音が気になる場合は、ホワイトボード右手の「停止」ボタンを押すことで停止できます。ただし、除湿機・空気殺菌機は、停止ボタンを押してから、約100分後に運転が自動再開しますので、収録のタイミングに合わせて押してください。You can stop the dehumidifier and air sterilizer by pressing the “停止 (Stop)” switch located on the right-hand side of the whiteboard if you are concerned about the noise. However, they will automatically restart after approximately 100 minutes. Please turn them off in time with the recording.