Our research institute realizes the cutting-edge research and education through collaboration with other research organizations, industries, and international partners using its most advanced facility, many experiences, and deep technical knowledge. DMC is a collaboration space for global researchers to discuss the future of digital society, next generation technology, and the way to the future.

  • Research through Competitive Funds
    Research through Competitive Funds

    Our research activities are sponsored by highly competitive funds of national agencies such as Japan Science and Technology Agency and National Institute of Information and Communications Technology.

  • Outreach

    We not only develop highly specialized digital technologies, but are committed to sharing our knowledge obtained through research activities with the society, and receive feedback for further development.

  • Production of Online Courses
    Production of Online Courses

    We design and develop Keio University online courses collaborating with faculty members. The courses are offered to learners all over the world on FutureLearn, a social learning platform.

  • Digital Archives
    Digital Archives

    We implemented the digital archives cooperating the owner divisions, setting a large capacity tape library to preserve and make use of academic digital data of Keio University on a long-term basis.

  • International Research Collaboration
    International Research Collaboration

    With our expertise, we have led CineGrid, a worldwide research community engaged in developing high quality media technologies over networked environments and proposing new frameworks for them.

  • Digital Cinema Initiatives Compliance Testing
    Digital Cinema Initiatives Compliance Testing

    We provide compliance testing services based on the Digital Cinema System Specification by Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI), a joint venture of Hollywood studios.

  • Digital Recording of Keio Activities
    Digital Recording of Keio Activities

    We record activities in Keio, such as honorary degree ceremony and special lectures, and support research and education with our digital media technologies.

  • Facility and Equipments Sharing
    Facility and Equipments Sharing

    We provide lending service of our facility and equipments to research collaborators and other university members for research and educational purposes.