Digital Archives

This is a project aimed at "preservation for utilization" of digital cultural resources of Keio University. At present, there is no established method of long-term preservation of digital data. At DMC, by constructing an archive system using a magnetic tape library and putting it in use, we aim at establishing a method for long-term preservation of digital data and a system for their utilization.

  • DMC Youtube Channel
    YouTubeDMC Youtube Channel

    It is a movie collection of DMC project and symposium.

  • DMC Works
    YouTubeDMC Works

    It is a collection of movies taken at DMC.

  • HUMI Project Archives
    PDFHUMI Project Archives

    HUMI(HUmanities Media Interface)Project(1996~2001)

  • DARC Project Archives
    PDFDARC Project Archives

    DARC (Digital Archive Research Center) Project(2001〜2009)

  • EIRI Project Archives
    PDFEIRI Project Archives

    EIRI (Early Illustrated Research Initiative) Project(2009〜2014)

  • 21722LAB

    It is an Archive collection of Research Institute for Digital Media and Content, KEIO University

  • Digital Nanki Auditorium
    LinkDigital Nanki Auditorium

    It is an Archive collection of Nanki Auditorium

  • KEIO Univ YouTube Channel
    YouTubeKEIO Univ YouTube Channel

    We collected videos that Keio University organizations are distributing on YouTube.